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Hi – I’m Rebecca. I am the recipe developer, content creator, and food photographer behind Milano-Made. Milan, Italy is where I was born and raised, so it's not surprising that some of my earliest and fondest memories are linked to food. I grew up in the kind of family that could hardly finish a meal without planning the next one. When I was 10, we moved to The Hamptons, where access to fresh local fish and produce from the neighboring farm stand helped me cultivate my own tastes and experiment with cooking; borrowing from my dad’s ultimate Italian comfort food to my mom’s light and healthy Middle-Eastern cuisine. Since then, I’ve lived in Florence, New York City, and currently - Boston, where my degree in Communications has led me into a marketing career in the financial, restaurant and hotel industries. Although I enjoy Marketing, cooking is my passion and Milano-Made is my outlet. I believe in a less is more approach-simple and clean, where every ingredient can shine without overpowering the others.

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