Pâté di Prosciutto (Ham Pâté)

Switch up your charcuterie board with ham pâté instead of salami!

My best friend in Italy's mother, Graziella, used to make Pâté di Prosciutto for special occasions and I always remember being so excited about going to their house because it was such a treat for us to have.

Until I started making it, I used to think it must be so difficult, then realized it's only 3 ingredients!!! It's so delicious and it's the perfect addition to spice up a charcuterie board and give it that home-made touch!

Pâté di Prosciutto (Ham Pâté)


1/2 pound of cooked ham

4 ounces of mascarpone cheese

1.5 tbsp cognac

  • Place all ingredients in food processor

  • Blend until smooth

  • Place in a ramekin and refrigerate for an hour

  • ... that's literally it

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