Affogato al Caffe

Here's the easiest dessert of all time and the perfect pick-me up at the end of a Summer dinner if you are headed out on the town! Affogato is a coffee based dessert that takes the form of a big scoop of vanilla gelato (or ice cream) 'drowned' in a shot or two of espresso. It's incredibly delicious and the combination is an amazing play on temperature and texture (and therefore SUPER hard to photograph!)

affogato di caffe

The hot, bitter espresso immediately begins to melt the vanilla gelato, creating a dreamy 'cafe latte' effect. To make the affogato last as long as possible, chill your glass for 5 minutes in your freezer and use about a shot of espresso per scoop of gelato.


Personally, my favorite type of coffee/espresso is Illy which is made in Trieste, Italy, where my father was born. I know a lot of Italian's that prefer Lavazza but I find it to be too bitter. Feel free to use whatever coffee you prefer and gelato or ice cream! You could go with a chocolate scoop that will make it mocha-y which I'm sure is also delicious!

The caffettiera (aka the espresso maker) pictured in these photos is Ossidiana by Alessi, designed by Mario Trimarchi. Mario is a dear family friend from Italy and an incredibly talented architect and designer. His work spans from all kinds of house ware items to fashion, including clothing for Salvatore Ferragamo! Anytime I am home visiting my parents I am reminded of all of our memories from Italy as we use his collection of silverware.

Not that you really need a recipe but here it is!

Serves 1


2 espresso shots

2 scoops of vanilla gelato or ice cream


  • Ice your cup or mug in the freezer for 5 minutes.

  • Scoop your gelato into the cup

  • Pour espresso over the gelato

  • Voila! Enjoy :)

Affogato di caffe

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